Electrical Power

Problem with TNEB

In Tamil Nadu, TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board) is sole agency for distribution of electrical power.

Perundurai SIPCOT being an industrial zone, almost all the electricity connections fall under H.T. (High Tension) Service category. Obtaining HT Service is a capital intensive move. The industries have to invest in individual transformers and other electrical items to avail power under HT Service scheme. But still, medium and large scale enterprises go for HT Service because we expect reliable supply from TNEB.

But the entire reliability factor has gone in the wind.

Currently (i.e. as of September 2009) we are facing 40% power TNEB. Since all industries in Perundurai SIPCOT are power intensive, we are forced to run our factories with power generated through diesel generator making as totally uncompetitive compared to other states.

 No. Detail Hours per day
 1. Peak hour restriction from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM.
 2. Unscheduled daily load shedding hours.
 3.For remaining 18 hrs, 20% restriction on demand and energy.
 Total Hours of Power Shortage Per Day (40%)

Option for Independent Power Generation

Our association is looking for private investors who are willing to put up power generation plant in Perundurai SIPCOT.

The advantages are:
  • Readily available land through SIPCOT.
  • Since all the industries are located as a cluster, supply of power directly to industries without linking to TNEB Grid, there by saving wheeling charges.
  • Since textile processing units require steam, the steam generated during power production can be sold to industries, rather by recovering some cost by steam sales and hence keep the cost of power at attractive rates.
To start with, we are looking for 10MW capacity plant. The individual industries are ready to give guarantee for power and steam consumption.

Interested parties are requested to contact our association Secretary.